Why can’t catalyic converters mailed to california

Why cant catalytic converters be shipped to California?

it’s the law my guy. California has different emissions laws than all other 49 states. They happen to be the strictest. For the same reason you cannot import fruit from other States? They’re afraid one cat is going to bring bugs in with them, infect their good cats, and then all the cats would be bad.

Is it illegal to ship a catalytic converter to California?

The vehicle is specifically included in the application list for the catalytic converter and the converter is legal for use in California.

Does California allow out of state catalytic converters?

Answer: So long as the vehicle is equiped with the original catalytic converter (installed at factory), it will pass the California smog check without modification needed. If at any time the CAT was replacement, the replacement CAT must conform to California Air Resources Board requirements…

Can you ship catalytic converters USPS?

Insert the converters in the first box, then place it in the second same size box. Use clear 2” or 4” tape to finish. The USPS will not accept plastic or steel banding. If you are sending scrap oxygen sensors, place them inside a bag and include them in your shipment at our quoted price.

What is different about California catalytic converters?

Pro: California Catalytic Converters are built with more precious earth metals, so they’re higher quality and will last longer.

Are Flowmaster catalytic converters legal in California?

These high quality converters have been granted Exemption Orders (EO) by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and are warranted to meet California emission requirements for 50,000 miles.


Air Tube Adaptable No
Body Material Stainless Steel
Body Width (in) 5
Brand Flowmaster
CARB (California) Compliant Yes

How do you mail a catalytic converter?

We suggest once you're done filling out the shipping label to put it in an envelope put the envelope in the box with the converters. Because the the form will get dirty with the converter.

Is high flow cat legal in California?

No they are not. They do not have a CARB sticker. It is also illegal to move the placement of the stock cats, hince the reason long tubes are also forbidden.

Does insurance cover stolen catalytic converters?

Is a stolen catalytic converter covered by insurance? If you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, then you’re typically covered against catalytic converter theft. Comprehensive coverage will typically pay to replace the stolen catalytic converter and repair any related damage from its removal.

How do I know if my catalytic converter is full for scrap?

Without seeing the case sealed. Just like it was originally made intact a scrapyard is not going to buy it for the full value. Multiple.

How do I know how much my catalytic converter is worth?

Number your catalytic converter has a reference number card on pre or printed on it therefore enables you to identify your catalyst in your in our case.

What is the penalty for stealing catalytic converters in California?

The bill would increase fines for catalytic converter theft to $1,000 for the first offense, $2,000 for the second and $4,000 for the third or subsequent violation. It also adds provisions to the vehicle code stating that law enforcement officers don’t need to witness the theft to make an arrest.

Is stealing a catalytic converter a felony in California?

Most catalytic converters cost more than $950, so their theft can be prosecuted as a felony under state law, Stephan said. Though the crime is common, few cases are referred to her office for prosecution because it’s so hard to prove unless the thief is caught in the act, she said.

What is California doing about catalytic converter theft?

Metal recyclers will only be allowed to buy a catalytic converters with a visible and untampered VIN, they must keep detailed records of who sold them, and make those records available to law enforcement. Increase the fines and jail time for those buying, selling or possessing a stolen catalytic converter.

Why are so many catalytic converters being stolen?

Money is the main reason catalytic converters are often stolen. They contain three metals that aid in the chemical reaction that makes exhaust pollutants less harmful: platinum, palladium and rhodium. The prices of these metals have risen dramatically during the early 21st century.

Which cars are most likely to have catalytic converter stolen?

Which cars are most likely to have their catalytic converter stolen?

  • Hybrid vehicles. …
  • Older vehicles. …
  • SUVs and trucks. …
  • Other models with valuable catalytic converters. …
  • Year. …
  • Diesel vehicles. …
  • Electric vehicles. …
  • Least at-risk makes.

How much is a stolen catalytic converter worth?

A catalytic converter stolen from some hybrid models can sell online for as much as $1,500 because it contains a larger amount of rhodium, which is resistant to corrosion and currently sells for more than $15,000 an ounce.