Whats the difference between the motul c2 and c1 chain lube oil?thanks in advance

Q:what is the difference between c1 and c2? A:C1 is the chain cleaner and C2 is the chain lubricant.

What is Motul C1 and C2?

Motul C1 Chain Clean

Improves the life span of your motorcycle chain. Cleans all types of motorcycle (road and off road), quad and kart chains. Removes all encrusted deposits: sand, dirt, oil, grease. Application of chain clean to be followed by C2 chain lube road for best results. Chlorine-free formula.

What is the difference between Motul C2 and C4?

C4 is white colored lubricant for racing motorcycle chains: Speed and Endurance. Based on solid additives AW/EP. C2 is is colorless and sticky lubricant specifically designed to lubricate all chains of road bikes and karts. 1 of 1 found this helpful.

Can I use Motul Chain Lube on bicycle?

Give Your Bike a Longer Life Use the Motul Combo of C2 Chain Lube and C1 Chain Clean for all bikes, you can maintain your bicycle to be as good as new even after continual use and increase the efficiency of your bicycle.

How do I clean my motorcycle chain with Motul?

Put the bike in first gear. And let the engine run for about a minute or two. Even this process will make the chain. Warm. I'm using this tray to collect all the dirt. And keep my surrounding.

Which oil is best for cycle chain?

Best bike chain lubes

  • Smoove Lube. The Energizer Bunny of chain lube. …
  • Rock N Roll Gold. Workhorse all-rounder chain lube. …
  • Silca Super Secret Chain Lube. It’s like hot wax but in an easy to apply drip bottle. …
  • Green Oil Wet Lube. …
  • Finish Line Wet. …
  • CeramicSpeed UFO Drip Ceramic lube. …
  • Tru Tension All Weather. …
  • Molten Speedwax.

How often should I lube my motorcycle chain?

every 300-600 miles

A motorcycle chain should be lubricated every 300-600 miles to ensure peak performance and a long life. Lubricate the chain after riding, not before. This allows time for the solvents in the spray to evaporate before the bike is used again, and lets the lubricant penetrate the link properly.

How long after lubing chain can I ride?

In fact too much oil attracts more dirt to stick to the chain and wear increases. Therefore after lubing excess oil needs to be removed. To do this wait for 5 minutes after oiling the chain, turn the drivetrain over a few times then use a dry rag to wipe off any excess.

Does chain lube expire?

Bicycle chain lubricants don’t have expiration dates.

Lubricants, in general, have a manufacturer recommended storage-life of 1-10 years. In reality, if the lubricant is stored in a sealed container and is not exposed to extreme heat, the storage-life is well over 100 years for any type of lubricant.

Can you use wd40 to clean bike chain?

WD-40 is best for cleaning off gunk, grime, and dirt from your bike chain and derailleur. Spray it onto your chain as a degreaser, and it’ll help knock off the grime. Once you’ve degreased the chain you’ll want to use soap and water to get it sparkling clean.

Is silicone spray good for bike chains?

Yes. It is not optimal for use on chains though. It washes away rather easily leaving your chain unprotected and un-lubricated. It would work in a pinch but a light oil or something specifically made for the application will work much better and last a lot longer.

Can I use 3 in 1 oil on my bike chain?

I don’t recommend using either motor oil or 3in1 oil to lubricate the chain. Motor oil is too heavy and won’t fully penetrate the rollers, and 3in1 oil is vegetable based and will gum up the chain.

Can I oil a wet bike chain?

Every bike cupboard should have both a wet and dry lube. Dry lubes are for the driest conditions and cleanest chains. Wet lubes can be used all year, offer better value and have the greatest longevity. Whether wet or dry, it’s often a question of how much time and effort you want to put in.

What chain lube do pro teams use?

But we do know that they’re exclusively using Morgan Blue lubes and cleaners. Plenty of pro teams swear by Morgan Blue.

Can I use car oil on my bike chain?

Can I use motor oil as a chain lube? You can use motor oil. However, it’s not recommended as this oil is too thick and won’t penetrate the inner components.