What is Honda Coolant?

Do Hondas need special coolant?

Every vehicle manufacturer, including Honda has developed its own coolant or requires a extra coolant that is unique to exact years and models. There are many colors of coolants to help distinguish each including yellow, blue, red, purple green, and orange.

What kind of coolant does Honda use?

You can use either blue or green antifreeze in your Honda without impacting the antifreeze’s performance; the color difference is simply a result of the different dyes used in making the product. If you have previously used green antifreeze, you can still use blue or use a mixture of both.

Can I use regular coolant in Honda?

You can use any non-silicate coolant meant for aluminium engines. Go to your local auto parts store, they’ll show you which ones they have. The most important thing is to thoroughly flush your cooling system first to make sure there is no trace of the previous coolant.

What Colour is Honda coolant?

The color of the anti-freeze is green, if: it’s still the OEM before your first fluid change, or, you refilled it with HONDA brand anti-freeze that is marketed specifically for motorcycles. It is blue, if: you purchased HONDA brand anti-freeze at a Honda automobile parts department.

Is Honda coolant ethylene glycol?

Honda Type 2 coolant is an ethylene glycol base product for extra long lasting aluminum component protection. Â Honda coolant has been developed to provide corrosion and rust protection of all cooling system components. Â Requires no additional corrosion inhibitors.

Can I use Prestone 50/50 in my Honda?

Prestone 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant for Honda/Nissan vehicles is specially formulated for use in Honda/Acura¿¿, Nissan/Infiniti¿¿, Hyundai/Kia¿¿, Subaru¿¿, Mazda¿¿, & Mitsubishi¿¿ vehicles*.

Is Honda coolant same as Toyota?

Is Toyota And Honda Antifreeze The Same? In both Toyota Pink and Honde Blue, inorganic phosphates and Sebacate are used instead of 2-EHA, which is present in dexcool. Inorganic (IAT) conventional coolants such as Toyota Red and the old Honda deep green use bunches of phosphates as their main inorganic inhibitors.

What color is Honda HP coolant?


Exclusive Honda formula with Non-Abrasive Corrosion Inhibitor for maximum protection. Advanced Type-2 “Blue” formula is 100% compatible with and replaces the original “Green” coolant.

What type of coolant is Honda Type 2?

Honda Genuine Longlife Blue Antifreeze/Coolant is the only coolant designed specifically for Honda vehicles. Its pre-mixed formulation is so advanced, no coolant service is required for up to 10 years or 120,000 miles.
Type 2 Antifreeze/Coolant.

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Can I mix Honda blue coolant with green?

Can I Mix Honda Blue Coolant With Green? Yes, you can mix the new blue with your old green, as he says. Honda does it all the time. My own personal car has a radiator and a block that I drain rather than fill with blue coolant.

When did Honda start using blue coolant?

A 2004 service bulletin introduced the new blue coolant which is used in ALL Hondas now. The bulletin also says that they ARE compatible so if you need to top off your Honda green, blue is OK to use.