U0140 FORD code

U0140 – OBD II Code: Lost Communication with Body Control Module.

What causes lost communication with body control module?

Circuit problems, such as a damaged wire or poor connection. BCM internal hardware failure or software in need of an update. Data network problems. Depleted battery.

What is lost communication with body control?

OBD II fault code U0140 is a generic code that is defined as “Lost Communication with Body Control Module”, but sometimes also as “Data bus: body control module (8CM)- no communication” and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module detects a communication failure between itself and the BCM (Body Control Module)

What does lost communication with ECM PCM?

Definition: Lost communication with engine control module/powertrain control module. Engine code U0100 means that your car can’t send messages between the ECM (engine control module) and the PCM (powertrain control module).

What is the body control module do?

Strictly speaking, body control module function is to control load drivers and coordinates activation of auto electronics units. The microcontrollers and connectors integrated into a BCM constitute the central structural unit of the system responsible for the controlling part.

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How do I fix error U0140?

How to diagnose and repair U0140

  1. Perform a preliminary inspection. Sometimes U0140 can pop up intermittently, or it can result from a dead battery. …
  2. Check the battery. Proper battery voltage is essential to BCM operation. …
  3. Check for other DTCs. …
  4. Check for a faulty control module.

CAN you reset a body control module?

To complete the body control module reset, you will have to reconnect the battery. This reestablishes the electrical supply through the BCM as well as other electrical peripherals of the vehicle. Once the battery is reconnected, check if the problems that made you perform the body control reset have been rectified.

Will disconnecting battery reset BCM?

Leaving a battery disconnected will reset the computer, but leaving an untouched car works except for altering the radio and clock presets.

What does lost communication with radio mean?

Code U0184 indicates the radio is not receiving or transmitting messages on the CAN bus. Get it diagnosed by a professional. Find a shop in your area. Need help with diagnosing your trouble code? We can help!

How do I fix U0155?

To repair a U0155 code, run a diagnostic test on your vehicle and do any of the following:

  1. Replace or recharge your vehicle’s battery.
  2. Fix any additional error codes which may appear on your scanner.

How do I reset my ECM?

Zitat von Youtube: Position to disconnect the positive battery cable. 3 wait 30 seconds for tap the positive terminal cable to the positive battery post. 3 times 5 reconnect the terminal cable 6 start the vehicle.

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How do you reset the PCM?

There is an easy way to resolve this issue. Please see the following steps: Press and hold the PCM info button for approximately 10 seconds until the PCM reboots. Immediately select the following from the PCM CAR > OPTION > Set PCM System > Reset PCM > Vehicle Handover > Yes > Yes.