Tightening sequence for water pump bolts (Peugeot 406 1.8 16V)

How do you tighten a bolt on a water pump?

Penetrant you can use coil oil PB Blaster and there's others on the market. But once you loosen it up soak it up a little bit.

How much torque do you put on water pump bolts?

21 ft/lbs (28Nm) for petrol, 19 ft/lbs (26Nm) for diesel.

How tight should water pump be?

They should be tight. Use your calibrated elbow, tighten until tight, then go 1/8th turn more. Tighten both bolts evenly in progressive stages.

How many bolts are on a water pump?

For most water pumps, you will need bolts with a 5/16-inch thread width, and the width of the head may vary from 13 mm to 15 mm. Depending on the location of the missing bolts, you will need approximately eight bolts ranging in length from 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 inches.

What size are the water pump pulley bolts?

The bolts in this kit are 5/16″-24 x 3/4″ flat head cap screw. This bolt kit is used when you remove fan and stock pulley and install an aluminum pulley nose.

What size are SBC water pump bolts?

King Chrome Small Block Chevy Long Water Pump Bolt Kit

Brand Speedway Motors
Mounted Length 2.00″
Thread Type RH Male
Thread Pitch 3/8″-16
Thread Length 1.00″

What size are SBC intake bolts?

King Chrome Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold Bolt Kit, Hex Head

Brand Speedway Motors
Overall Length 1.25″
Under Head Length 1.00″
Thread Pitch 3/8″-16
Wrench Type Hex