What is code P16A1 mean?

Throttle Position Sensor Communication Circuit High Voltage

Description : P16A1 CHEVROLET Throttle Position Sensor Communication Circuit High Voltage. Possible causes : – Faulty Throttle Position Sensor. – Throttle Position Sensor harness is open or shorted. – Throttle Position Sensor circuit poor electrical connection.

What does U2106 code mean?

U2106 Lost Comm with Trans Control System

This GM specific “U” code means that the PCM cannot communicate with the transmission control system. This is most likely the result of a problem with the data line between the two or a failure of a module on the data line that injects voltage onto the line.

What does code co899 mean?

April 9, 2020. C0899 chevrolet means vehicle control modules or sensors monitor the voltage of the system to verify that the voltage of the system is within normal range. The powertrain control module (pcm) sets the obdii code when factory specifications are not required for the control module power.

How do you fix co561?

Finally, how do I fix the DTC code C0561?

  1. make sure to get the system diagnostic procedure done with scan tool;
  2. check if the traction control fuse or ABS fuses are burnt;
  3. check the brake system for fluid leaks and proper fluid levels.
  4. get the EBCM wiring and connectors thoroughly checked.

What is code U1026?

DTC U1026 Loss of ATC Class 2 Communication. Circuit Description. Modules connected to the class 2 serial data circuit monitor for serial data communications during normal vehicle operation.

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