P0703 MAZDA code

A P0703 code means the PCM has registered a fault in the brake switch B circuit. This is the dedicated stop lamp circuit, which also deactivates the cruise control system and transmission torque converter lockup system, as well as the stop lamps.

How do I fix code P0703?

What Repairs Will Fix P0703?

  1. Replace or adjust the brake lamp switch.
  2. Replace brake light fuse.
  3. Replace fusible link.
  4. Replace brake light bulb(s)
  5. Replace brake light socket(s)
  6. Replace or repair shorted wiring or connectors.
  7. Reflash PCM/ECM.

What does code P0703 mean?

OBD-II Code P0703 is defined as a Brake Switch “B” Circuit. The Brake Switch tells the engine control module (PCM) that the brake pedal is depressed. This switch also controls the brake lights. If the PCM detects an implausible signal from the Brake Switch, the PCM will set code P0703.

What is a brake switch B circuit?

The brake switch B circuit allows the cruise control system to be disengaged by tapping the brake pedal, as well as ensuring that the torque converter lock-up system disengages when coming to a stop.

What is a torque converter brake switch?

The brake switch B circuit is part of the torque converter clutch system. This indicates the status of the brake pedal, and works as part of the system that deactivates the torque converter lock-up and cruise control.

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What happens when brake light switch fails?

If your brake switch malfunctions, the rear brake lights won’t illuminate, and the driver behind you won’t know that you’re slowing down, causing a major safety hazard. Now, this could indicate that a brake light bulb in the rear has burnt out or that you’ve got a defective brake light switch.

What is a brake switch?

The brake light switch serves two major functions. First, it turns on the brake lights when a driver presses the brake pedal. Second, it sends a signal to the vehicle’s computer that brakes are applied. A car with a faulty brake light switch is UNSAFE to drive.

What is code P1000?

Here is what P1000 means, in simple terms

It simply means that the engine control computer (ECC) has not completed its emission systems testing. A vehicle’s engine computer must complete multiple self-tests known as Readiness Monitors. P1000 means readiness monitor testing has not been completed.

How do I fix error code P0740?

Repairs that can fix the P0740 code may include:

  1. Replacing the torque converter clutch solenoid.
  2. Replacing the torque converter or clutch.
  3. Adding or replacing transmission fluid and filter.
  4. Replacing the powertrain control module.
  5. Overhauling the current transmission.
  6. Replacing the transmission with a brand new one.

What is P0705 code?

When code P0705 is triggered, the ECM or TCM is not seeing what gear the transmission is in (park, reverse, neutral, drive, or low). If the ECM or TCM can’t verify that the transmission is in park or neutral, it will not allow the vehicle to start.

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