The P02F2 fault code can be described as cylinder 5 injector circuit range/performance.

What can cause a P0261 code?

Code P0261 is triggered when the voltage in the #1 Cylinder Injector Circuit is too low. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) uses special transistors—called “drivers”—to turn the Fuel Injectors on and off in the Fuel Injection System.

What is code P0265?

Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit High

OBD-II Code P0265 is defined as a Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit High. The engine control module (PCM) has special transistors called “drivers” to turn the Fuel Injectors on and off in the Fuel Injection System. If the PCM cannot control the fuel injector, it will set code P0265.

How do I fix code P0265?

How To Correct P0265 Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit High

  1. The wiring or connectors should be repaired or replaced that are associated with the fuel injector on the number 2 cylinder.
  2. The fuel injector on the number 2 cylinder should be replaced if needed.
  3. If the powertrain control module might faulty, then you must replace it.

What does injector circuit high mean?

A fuel injector that has become dirty or plugged. A fuel injector that is shorted internally and therefore causes high-voltage draws. A malfunctioning electrical harness between the PCM (Powertrain control Module) and the injector.

What does injector circuit low mean?

This trouble code indicates that the powertrain control module has detected a lower reference voltage coming from the number 1 cylinder’s fuel injector than what was specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

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What is the fuel injector?

Fuel Injectors

The fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve that is supplied with pressurized fuel by the fuel pump and when energized atomizes the fuel into a fine mist so that it can burn easily in the vehicle’s engine.