How do you compare two ECU maps

How do I compare maps in WinOLS?
Click this little icon here that connects the two windows or you can also press ctrl + 2 together.

What is Map Pack WinOLS?

Mappack is actually a . kp file (WinOLS format) that describes map location, factors and axis for maps. It can be imported/exported directly from WinOLS (full version).

What is WinOLS tuning?

WinOls is an extremely advanced piece of software.

It allows for tuners to carry out the most basic of alterations and modifications to an ECU file. It also allows for extremely complex, high-level tuning to be carried out. Upgrades from stage 1 through to stage 5,6,7 and beyond are all possible with WinOls.

How do I copy a map in WinOLS?
After clicking ok you can use ctrl + V to apply these properties to another map or to a selection in the map. List. You can also apply the properties automatically.

How do I compare two files in Winols?
We can just click OK. Or we can take a gamble that it will do it all all right or we can ask it to look for whatever offset there might be between the two files. And see if it can connect the files.

What is ECM Titanium?

ECM TITANIUM is the remapping software developed by Alientech, that allows you to view and tune autonomously the maps of any original engine and transmission control unit file calibrations.

What is a super Mappack?

A super mappack is basically the same as a Damos file except for the fact that the directions in a super map pack are defined by a consumer or tuner and is not defined by the manufacturer.

What is Damos?

Damos (A2L) file is a file that includes descriptions of all maps in the super map pack. Detecting where maps for particular controls are is often difficult and tiresome. Moreover, failing to find them prevents you from tuning. With Damos, finding these maps is completely trouble-free and fast.