4.3/350 Chevy flywheel interchangeable?

Is 350 and 4.3 flywheel the same?

Only difference in later model 350’s (5.7) and 4.3’s is either it is a one piece or two piece rear main seal crankshaft, the flywheels are very different on how they bolt up and the One piece crankshaft engines (5.7 and 4.3) are externally balanced so they have a counterweight.

Can I use a 4.3 flywheel fit a 350?

The 4.3 flywheel will work on a 1 Pc. rear main 305 or 350 without rebalancing and should have the bolt patterns for up to a 12 In. clutch.

Are flywheels interchangeable?

Are Small Engine Flywheels Interchangeable? You can interchange flywheel blades for Kohler K-series, Magnum engine models, like K341/M16, K303/M12, K321/M14, and K361 because tapers and keyway widths cross. In each case, there is just one key difference: starter and ignition.

Are big block and small block Chevy flywheels the same?

They will accept the same flywheel as the early small-block engine. All Big Blocks can use the 153 tooth flywheel when the engine block is drilled for starter type.

What is the difference between a 350 flywheel and a 400 flywheel?

the difference between the 350 and 400 is, as you noted the internal or external balance. If you do have a 400 SB, then you need a flexpalte/flywheel that is compatible with the 400. If you had both to look at side by side, the 400 piece will have a large weight welded to it.

How do you tell the difference between a 153 and 168 tooth flywheel?

The few blocks out there that came with 168 tooth flywheels have starter bolt holes that are offset. Blocks that usually have a 153 have starter bolts in-line. An in-line block starter bolt pattern can adapt to 168 with a universal starter – or one made for that kind of block and a 168 tooth.

How do I know which flywheel to buy?

Lighter flywheels can deliver the inertia of a heavier flywheel, but at increased rpm, requiring a slightly modified driving style to include more clutch slippage to get the vehicle moving. The general rule of thumb is that the lighter the flywheel, the heavier the car will feel.

Is a 400 SBC flywheel the same as 454?

The Chevy SB400 and 454 flywheel will not interchange. While they are both externally balanced the weight on the flywheel or flex plate for that matter are different between the two.